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Castro podcast app makes it easy to manage lots of podcasts and enjoy the best episodes of all your favorite shows.

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Just press play

The magic of Castro podcast app is a single playlist that gives you total control over your listening experience. We call it the Queue. While most podcast apps treat every show the same, Castro podcast app lets you manage your relationship with each show on an individual basis.

Your favorite shows get downloaded and added to the queue automatically, while shows you like to be more choosy with get added to an Inbox you can browse later.

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I love this app

"Castro 3 Is a Great I love everything about this app. The design—I love how compact the episodes are in the queue. So many other podcast apps are bloated design-wise, where you can only see 3 or so episodes at a time…”


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Absolutely The Best

"This app is simple, it's beautiful, it's functional, and it manages podcast in a way that jives with how my brain works. It's perfect. Good job Castro!"


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The Best Podcasting App

Castro has done a fantastic job at managing the amount of features and the user experience. Many apps just lack the features or worse, they try to jam too much creating bugs and poor interface usability. I can't say how much I appreciate this app.


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The easiest way to manage lots of podcast subscriptions

There are lots of great podcasts out there. The problem is, with tons of podcasts (and much less time) it's hard to track the best episodes and manage everything you want to listen to.

Subscribing to a podcast in Castro isn’t a commitment to listen to every episode: When you subscribe to a podcast, new episodes appear in your feed. Quickly scan them, pick the best, and forget the rest. Simple.

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A simple, central place to plan your listening

With Castro podcast app, there’s no need to wrangle a roster of playlists or swipe around the player to find out what’s up next.

The Queue gives you one place to plan your listening:

  • Quickly add any episodes you want to listen to next to your queue
  • Drag and drop to re-order whenever you like
  • Press play and listen through — when one episode finishes, the next one plays automatically
  • Queued episodes are downloaded automatically when you’re on wifi, so you save cellular data
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A powerful app designed specifically for podcasts

Podcasts aren’t music. Why don’t all podcast apps reflect that? We tuned Castro’s advanced player engine to deliver the best playback experience for podcasts.

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Custom playback speeds

Listen at your own pace with customizable playback speeds between 0.8-3x.

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Make every podcast sound great

Boost the production value of low quality podcasts with Enhance Voices and Mono Mix.

Enhanced podcast notifications icon

Enhanced podcast notifications

Start playing straight from push notifications for newly released episodes, and new episodes added to your queue.

Advanced chapter support icon

Advanced chapter support

Play, select, or skip chapters. Pre-selection lets you skip what you’re not interested in in advance.

Save listening time icon

Save listening time

Save 10-20% of your total listening time (without any change in audio quality) with Trim Silence.

Beautiful artwork icon

Beautiful artwork

Full support for podcast episode and dynamic chapter artwork.

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Podcast sharing

Easily share any episode straight from the player. Or, use Castro for iMessage to easily share recently played episodes with friends.

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Sometimes, you discover audio that isn’t part of a podcast feed. Sideloading lets you add any audio from the web to your queue with two taps.

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Enjoy your favourite podcasts on the road with Castro’s CarPlay app.

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Apple Watch

Control playback and browse your queue straight from your wrist.

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Every podcast is different. So is how you enjoy them.

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Auto-queue your favourite shows, so you never miss an episode.

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Episode-limit new shows that publish frequently to avoid getting lost in a backlog.

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Slow talkers? Set a faster custom playback speed to match your preferred pace.

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Set a custom start position for podcasts with repetitive intros.

Castro Plus +

Unlock the full power of Castro’s podcast app engine with a subscription to Castro Plus.

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Easily add any audio file from the web to your listening queue. Sideload video to automatically rip the audio and listen later in Castro.

Trim Silence icon

Trim Silence

No more awkward silences: Save up to 20% of your listening time, without any change to sound quality.

Enhance Voices icon

Enhance Voices

Dynamically balance episodes to boost quiet voices without increasing louder noises.

Advanced Chapter Support icon

Advanced Chapter Support

One-tap to listen to the next or previous chapter, and pre-select chapters you don’t want to hear to skip them automatically.

Mix to Mono icon

Mix to Mono

Castro can re-centre poorly panned recordings, so you don’t have one guest whispering in your left ear, while the other shouts in your right.

Chapter & Episode Artwork icon

Chapter & Episode Artwork

Castro's fullscreen player showcases episode and unique chapter artwork.

Per-Podcast Settings icon

Per-Podcast Settings

Tune playback settings to match your favourite shows: Auto-queue new episodes, set custom audio filters, playback speeds, skip repetitive intros, and more.

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Custom App Icons

Choose from 18 different app icons.

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