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11/19/22: Nearly Optimal Property Preserving Hashing with LakYah Tyner

Boston Computation Club

November 19, 2022

44 minutes

LakYah Tyner is a 1st year PhD student at Northeastern University co-advised by abhi Shelat and Daniel Wichs.  Her research focuses on cryptography, with recent works involving Property Preserving Hashing and Threshold Signature Schemes.  Put differently, she's accomplished considerably more in less than a year of graduate school than I did as a first year (we're a semester in and she has a paper in Crypto!), and today she joined the Boston Computation Club to share some of that hard-earned wisdom.  LakYah's talk focused on the difficult problem of efficiently hashing data such that the hashes preserve a binary predicate relationship from the pre-image, specifically a relationship relating to the distance between the two compared objects.  This is a fascinating topic with implications for systems like Apple's facial recognition and attempts at privacy-preserving CSAM detection.  We're super stoked LakYah agreed to speak to us today and we hope you enjoy her talk as much as we did! 

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