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Advocacy Week 2022

AHFter Hours Podcast

May 9, 2022

47 minutes

Advocacy Week 2022

Celebrate Advocacy Week with a group of AHF employees whose focus is all about advocacy


  • Latonya Thurman – Associate Director of Mobilization Campaigns
  • Imara Canady – Director of Communications & Community Engagement
  • Jose Ramos – National Director of Sales – AHF; President & Founder – Impulse Group


[11:22] -- Safe & Responsible Advocate

It’s not all screaming and handcuffs

Imara Canady stresses that AHF believes in safety and compliance with laws when protesting in advocacy of important causes. In fact, AHF has been told by law enforcement that AHF should train other protestors about how they should protest and have their voices be elevated in a safe and effective way.

[18:05] -- How to Get Involved

How to talk to in order to make your voice heard

If you want to get involved with international advocacy at AHF, contact Terri Ford or Denys Nazarov, as well as anyone from the advocacy team. You can also retweet and share various advocacy posts in order to help spread the word as far and as fast as possible about the most important issues.

[33:38] -- Mental Health is Patient Health

An important reminder

Jose Ramos reminds us that mental health is a major issue at this point in history, and protecting the lives and health of patients means looking out for their mental health, as well. For this purpose, Impulse Group is opening its first mental health house in collaboration with WELLNESS in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

[38:39] - Passion Over Politics

Don’t get lost in the weeds of the battle

Jose also reminds us all not to let the politics and overwhelming nature of the battle to eliminate HIV transmission and protect the rights of marginalized groups derail our passion. Passion is what drives all of the work at AHF. It’s often the spark that leads to new initiatives, new advocacy opportunities, and better service for patients and clients.


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The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the world’s largest HIV/AIDS service organization, operating in 45 countries globally. The mission? Providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy for everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

The AHFter Hours podcast is an official podcast of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, in which host Lauren Hogan is joined by experts in a range of fields to educate, inform, and inspire listeners on topics that go far beyond medical information to cover leadership, creativity, and success. 

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Lauren Hogan is the Associate Director of Communications for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and has been working in a series of roles with the Foundation since 2016. She’s passionate about increasing the public visibility of AIDS, the Foundation's critical work, and how everyday people can help join the fight to make cutting-edge medicine, treatment, and support available for anyone who needs it.


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