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Patient Centered Care (ft. Dr. Michael Wohlfeiler)

AHFter Hours Podcast

December 20, 2021

19 minutes

Patient Centered Care (ft. Dr. Michael Wohlfeiler)

How AHF is innovating patient-centric care


Dr. Michael Wohlfeiler:

Dr. Michael Wohlfeiler is the Chief Medical Officer of the Aids Healthcare Foundation. After spending a short time as an attorney, Wohlfeiler decided to pursue a medical degree and saw firsthand the ravages of the AIDS epidemic during his residency. This inspired him to go into practice treating primarily HIV patients, which ultimately led to his practice being acquired by the AHF. He’s been with the Foundation ever since.

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[4:08] – A Job That Feels Good Even When You Feel Bad

Let purpose lead your career

Dr. Wohlfeiler speaks on the power of a career somewhere like AHF, which means that even after a bad day, one can always be comforted by the knowledge that they’ve been doing worthwhile and meaningful work. We can’t all work for nonprofit organizations, but we can choose careers that let us pursue something that brings us passion— even on the bad days.

[5:33] – The Power of Patient-Centered Care

Putting the patient first

AHF practices patient-centered care, which is about putting the patient at the center of all healthcare, viewing the healthcare journey through the patient’s eyes, and making their journey as positive and beneficial as possible. It’s about reducing obstacles and barriers that patients may face in accessing care while also considering all aspects of a patient’s life.

[12:28] – Constant Assessment, Continual Evolution

Why healthcare providers can’t stay stagnant

AHF is constantly assessing their approach to healthcare and the models they use throughout the organization. Using select key indicators, including client experience scores, they’re able to track where changes need to be made to processes, strategies, and personnel. 

[16:26] – Embracing Holistic Health

Everything patients need under one roof

One way in which the AHF has innovated has been in the bringing together of multiple services— clinics, STD diagnosis centers, treatment centers, pharmacies, and wellness centers— in one location to make the process as convenient as possible for patients and giving them complete care.




The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the world’s largest HIV/AIDS service organization, operating in 45 countries globally. The mission? Providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy for everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

The AHFter Hours podcast is an official podcast of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, in which host Lauren Hogan is joined by experts in a range of fields to educate, inform, and inspire listeners on topics that go far beyond medical information to cover leadership, creativity, and success. 

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Lauren Hogan is the Communications Manager for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and has been working in a series of roles with the Foundation since 2016. She’s passionate about increasing the public visibility of AIDS, the Foundation's critical work, and how everyday people can help join the fight to make cutting-edge medicine, treatment, and support available for anyone who needs it.


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