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Scenes from an Impeachment (with Dan Goldman)

Stay Tuned with Preet

February 13, 2020

98 minutes

This week’s episode of Stay Tuned, “Scenes from an Impeachment,” features an exclusive interview with Dan Goldman, the House Intelligence Committee’s Director of Investigations and Senior Adviser who was charged with leading the public questioning of impeachment witnesses. Goldman, a former federal prosecutor who served as SDNY’s Deputy Chief of Organized Crime, takes us behind the scenes of impeachment.

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  • CRS Report: Congress’s Contempt Power and the Enforcement of Congressional Subpoenas: Law, History, Practice, and Procedure, May 2017


  • Inspector General of the Intelligence Community Michael Atkinson’s first letter notifying the House Intel Committee of the withheld whistleblower complaint, 9/9/19
  • Chairman Adam Schiff’s letter to Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire requesting the withheld whistleblower complaint, 9/10/19
  • Chairman Schiff’s subpoena and accompanying letter issued to Acting DNI Maguire regarding the withheld whistleblower complaint, 9/13/19
  • The Whistleblower complaint regarding President Trump’s actions, filed August 2019
  • Acting DNI Maguire’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, 9/26/19


  • Attorney General Bill Barr’s letter on Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s report’s principal conclusions, March 2019
  • Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s Report on The Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, March 2019


  • Memorandum of Trump’s July 25, 2019 conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
  • Former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker’s text messages
  • Three House Committees Launch Wide-Ranging Investigation into Trump-Giuliani Ukraine Scheme, 9/9/19
  • “Rudy Giuliani Plans Ukraine Trip to Push for Inquiries That Could Help Trump, New York Times, 5/9/19



  • The House Resolution Impeaching Donald John Trump, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors, December 2019
  • Clip: Pelosi’s full impeachment inquiry announcement, 9/24/19
  • “Seven freshman Democrats: These allegations are a threat to all we have sworn to protect,” Washington Post, 9/23/19
  • “How senators voted on Trump’s impeachment,” Politico, 2/5/20


  • Clip: Rep. Adam Schiff Closing Argument in Senate Trial, 1/23/20
  • Clip: Rep. Adam Schiff Closing Argument in Senate Trial, 2/3/20  


  • Roger Stone initial sentencing memo, 2/10/20
  • Roger Stone updated sentencing memo, 2/11/20
  • Trump tweet congratulating AG Barr on Stone case intervention, 2/12/20
  • “Prosecutors quit Roger Stone case after Justice Dept. intervenes on sentencing,” The New York Times, 2/11/20
  • “Trump pulls nomination of former U.S. for Treasury post,” Axios, 2/11/12

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