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10/09/21: Types in PL Research vs Types in Julia with Julia Belyakova

Boston Computation Club

October 10, 2021

67 minutes

Julia Belyakova is a PhD student in computer science at Northeastern University, where she is currently focused on formalizing the Julia programming language.  Julia's primary primary research interests are programming languages and type theory, although she also enjoys theorem proving, generic programming, functional and object-oriented programming, software engineering, programming by contracts, software testing, and as of late, human aspects of software engineering and the interaction between humans and programming languages.  In short: Julia is quite the polymath.  Today she joined us to discuss the Julia Language's type system, in contrast to type systems in other languages, and in programming language research papers.  This was a really fun talk and also a very accessible entry-point to the topic for those without a strong PL background.  We hope you enjoy!  

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