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Ep. 194: The Surprising Math of Doing Less

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

May 2, 2022

78 minutes

Below are the questions covered in today's episode (with their timestamps). For instructions on submitting your own questions, go to

Video from today’s episode:

DEEP DIVE: The Surprising Math of Doing Less [8:58]


- How do I improve my discipline?  [26:16]
- How do you break down a complicated problem? [37:20]
- LISTENER CALL: Has Cal read “Stolen Focus”? [40:27]

The Books I Read in April 2022 [46:41]

- LISTENER CALL: Playbook for writing in The New Yorker [1:12:37]

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Thanks to Jesse Miller for production, Jay Kerstens for the intro music, and Mark Miles for mastering.

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