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Shadow Childhood

Reconcilable Differences

January 10, 2019

88 minutes

This week, John is just back from his holiday trip, and Merlin thinks he's a titan. Merlin's daughter wants to be a monk, and the art of AD&D is discussed. John has more questions about Merlin's Britishisms. We are introduced to "Hello, Richard" and the flats of San Francisco are re-litigated. The taxonomy of the Google doc is also re-litigated.

Although it won't turn into one-third of every episode, listeners are invited to ask your hosts questions via "#AskRecDiffs".

In what becomes a mini-topic, your hosts fantasize about Break Time, and what one does when one has a little time to oneself. Sleeping counts. Also, where, again have all the scissors gone? Have we just stopped doing Inside Voice?

A listener thinks there's too much talk about TV, but it is stipulated that TV is part of our lives.

In further follow-up, your hosts talk more about Survivor. John says Merlin is still watching it wrong, and John finished Season 37. He has thoughts. Survivor rules, tactics, and editing are considered.

Then, there's more Project Talk. Merlin introduces the idea of "The Message Gift," and John wonders if Merlin's new desk has memory. Amazon should let you say when a box is from Santa. So much cardboard. And, now the IKEA child's kitchen is in danger of being disappeared. John is just slightly rearranging things, and Merlin's door still wants to kill him.

(Recorded on Tuesday, January 1st, 2019.)

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Survivor Rulebook | Survivor Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Survivor Rulebook is a contract that is to be signed by all contestants before competing in the game of Survivor. Though these rules are not explicitly revealed on television, they are to be followed by every Survivor castaway, or face expulsion with possible forfeiture of any prize money, and in rare cases, incarceration.

Survivor rules: the contract that details pay, tie-breakers, more – reality blurred

Like any game, Survivor has rules, but as viewers, we’ve never seen those rules. Until now.

DUKTIG Play kitchen - IKEA

A dream come true for small chefs. In this complete kitchen, your child can cook, bake and wash up, just like the master chefs on TV, and let the family taste the new, yummy recipes.

How Mark Burnett Resurrected Donald Trump as an Icon of American Success | The New Yorker

With “The Apprentice,” the TV producer mythologized Trump—then a floundering D-lister—as the ultimate titan, paving his way to the Presidency.

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