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#121 Carving Your Own Path In a "Vibecession" - Kyla Scanlon on leaving her job, writing online, TikToks as Poetry, and The Passion Crisis

The Pathless Path with Paul Millerd

November 14, 2022

64 minutes

I believe that Kyla Scanlon is one of the most talented all-around creators. She is transcending the assumptions about what people want, especially with things like short-form videos. Her TikToks are synthesized, thoughtful, and funny, setting a new bar for what people want in an information age.

We talked about her journey growing up in Kentucky, writing online, hacking into the finance industry from a non-target school, and ultimately deciding to become self-employed with less than two years of work experience.  Someone at her company told her she wouldn't "make it"


Kyla's Website: Educator, Creator, Investor
Follow Kyla: @kylascan on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok
Path Role Model: Cody Ko

1:09 The scripts that Kyla grew up with
2:26 Writing her first book
5:01 Finding out that people actually want deeper ideas
7:31 Kyla's mindest when she was graduating
9:24 Why Kyla didn't like her "cool" job in LA?
11:50 DMing Paul and quitting her job
16:05 Approach to work in Kyla's age cohort
17:19 Kyla's parents on her leaving her job
18:05 Pushback and skepticism
19:27 Positive surprises after going on her own path
20:27 "The passion crisis"
23:24 How to find things you care about?
25:26 Gatekeeping and aging out
27:27 Kyla's short vertical videos
33:09 AI and the future of writing
35:58 Doing, not doing, and bike riding
38:17 Remembering the good ideas
38:48 The vibes of the economy
41:20 Influence and responsibility
42:58 Favourite financial leader?
43:50 Why Kyla doesn't like what the Fed is doing?
45:33 Generations living in different realities
47:00 How did the "vibes" of Kyla's path change?
50:51 Kyla's biggest supporters
51:23 Putting herself out there
52:04 Fame, success, and imposter syndrome
54:03 Charts in Kyla's videos
54:50 Kyla's TikTok's as poems
55:48 What do people get wrong about short-form videos?
56:46 Going from TikTok to YouTube
57:27 Bread
58:32 "Money is not our moral compass".
59:15 What does Kyla need help with?

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