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Lessons from Vox’s first 5 years

The Ezra Klein Show

April 25, 2019

95 minutes

This is a special episode for me. Vox turns 5 this week! So I sat down with my co-founders, Melissa Bell and Matt Yglesias, to discuss what went right, what went wrong, what changed in the media environment, and what we learned along the way.

Matt’s recommendations:

Vox’s Explained on Netflix — Episode 4: “K-Pop”

Our incel problem” by Zack Beauchamp

“We visited one of America's sickest counties. We're afraid it's about to get worse.” by Julia Belluz

Vox’s The Weeds podcast

Melissa’s recommendations:

Vox Observatory by Joss Fong

“Apollo astronauts left their poop on the moon. We gotta go back for that shit.” by Brian Resnick

Today, Explained: “Friends without benefits”

Ezra’s recommendations:

“Hospitals keep ER fees secret. We’re uncovering them.” by Sarah Kliff

“The rise of American authoritarianism” by Amanda Taub

“Show me the evidence” by Julia Belluz

Today, Explained: “HQ2-1”

This special episode of The Ezra Klein Show was taped in celebration of Vox’s fifth anniversary. Today, we’re hosting live tapings of The Weeds and Recode Decode with Kara Swisher at The Line Hotel in Washington, DC. Subscribe to those shows for free in Apple Podcasts, or in your favorite podcast app, to be the first to hear them when they’re released.

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