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KONA Heat Adaptation, Race Specificity, Nutrition, & Aerodynamics with Endurance Innovation Podcast!

The Pacing and Racing Podcast

September 30, 2019

82 minutes

Hey guys and Welcome to the Pacing & Racing Podcast. The Canadian Triathlon Podcast Made In Mind for the Age Group Triathletes.

Today Jenna-Caer and I have an awesome new episode today where we teamed up with Andrew and Mike from the Endurance Innovation Podcast to go over a special episode as we gear up for KONA 2020. Mike is the owner of X3 Training and Andrew represents 4iiii's and together are very insightful when it comes to triathlon innovation and training!

As many of you may already know from previous episodes, Jenna-Caer is coming up to her KONA Debut this year after a 1st place AG Finish at IM Cork so we thought it would be great to have a podcast to talk about things like race specificity in training, heat adaptaion and on-course heat management, and what’s changed over the years in training for an IRONMAN.

We also dive into Nutrition and hydration strategies, and how bike positioning and aerodynamic testing through the Virtual Wind Tunnel makes a big difference in your speed and efficiency on the bike.

This is our first 4-person podcast episode and it was an absolute blast and I am happy to share this with you guys because there are some great concepts and perspectives from multiple angles in the episode and we made sure we did our best to make sure it was done in a clear and concise manner.

I hope you all enjoy this podcast! 

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