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1.0.2 Update Approved

Posted by Padraig on Dec 24, 2013

We thought we’d missed out on getting this update approved before the holiday shutdown but it seems the App Store review team have still been at work and 1.0.2 was approved last night.

  • You can subscribe to a podcast from URL copied to clipboard. image
  • You can manually download episodes using mobile data even if you have it turned off to automatic downloads.
  • Adds larger cache size options. See Castro settings in the Settings app.
  • Adds setting to disable sound effects.
  • Fixes bug that could cause data loss if you tried to play an episode from the lock screen after a device restart.
  • Enables pull to refresh on Episodes tab even when no episodes are showing.
  • Uses search result artwork if podcast feed is missing artwork.
  • Original podcast art on the lock screen.
  • Fixes a layout bug when tapping into a podcast from search results.
  • Fixes bug where download notifications weren’t getting sent sometimes.
  • Fixes bug where downloads found when on mobile data weren’t getting downloaded when back on Wifi.

We don’t prompt users to rate/review Castro in the App Store from within the app but if you have a minute leave us a nice review at some stage it really does help.

The next update: preview

1.0.3 is ready and we will submit to the App Store as soon as iTunes Connect opens up again on December 28.

  • Import subscriptions from other podcast apps using OPML.image
  • Fixes a bug where some podcast feeds could be cached for too long.
  • Fixes a bug where the episodes tab could lose the date section headers.

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