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A Contiguous Dumpster Fire

Posted by Padraig on Apr 10, 2017

On episode 18 of the Supertop Podcast, we’re joined by Jared Sinclair to discuss his new app, Stormcrow, and the best way to approach hobbies and side projects. Then we discuss what’s needed from social features in podcast apps, and what the future of Supertop might look like.

Jared Sinclair on Stormcrow

Social Features in Podcast Apps

If you’d like to send us your thoughts on how social stuff for podcasts is or is not working for you please send your thoughts in audio or text form to

What Might the Future of Supertop Look Like?

  1. Be like Panic, keep selling products for money.
  2. Be like a Silicon Valley Startup with all that entails.
  3. A hybrid approach with free apps but still a small scale business.
  4. A combination of consultancy and our own products.

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