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Beard-forming Microphones

Posted by Padraig on Jan 03, 2017

In episode 12 of the Supertop Podcast, Padraig and Oisin discuss gifts, Castro’s surprisingly good performance in December, thoughts on Swift and New Year’s resolutions.


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Show Notes

Christmas presents (00:40)

Oisin’s AirPods Q&A (07:14)

  • Padraig asks a bunch of obvious questions.

Business Update: Not so doomy (15:05)

  • Castro had a great 2 weeks
  • NY Times named Castro 2 as one of their ‘Best Apps of 2016’
  • App Santa went well

iTunes Connect Analytics (22:45)

  • Padraig complains about them.

Charts & Sales Anxiety (31:17)

  • Good news is that the top 2-3 podcast apps do make more than enough revenue to survive.
  • Anxiety tip: Yesterday’s sales reports are out around 10:00pm PST
  • It’s weird, as an indie developer, that successful sales feedback happens so separately from the work.

Starting to learn Swift (42:02)

  • Re-writing Buscouver.
  • Contract work needing Swift gives us a deadline
  • Is the fussing about 'nil’ worth it?
  • Working for the compiler vs it working for you.
  • Apple’s Swift book, The Stanford Course
  • Oisin launching a PCalc competitor
  • Some good things about Swift

New Years Resolutions (60:03)

  • Oisin’s gunna run.
  • Padraig’s not gunna run (for political office).
  • Oisin’s going to take a holiday.

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