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Castro 1.0.4 and beyond

Posted by Padraig on Jan 07, 2014

Castro 1.0.4 has been approved and should be available to update now. Here’s what’s changed in 1.0.3 and 1.0.4:


  • OPML Import. Castro will appear as one of the Open-In options when you open an OPML file.
  • OPML Export via castro://export URL scheme


  • New episode notifications will appear when an episode is found using mobile data. Previously they would only appear after the download completed.


  • Fixes an issue where section headers could disappear on the episodes tab.
  • Fixes a crash that would occur regularly if one of the larger cache sizes were selected.
  • Fixes a crash that would occur when tapping + to search if you had a telephone number in the clipboard.
  • Fixes issue where episodes of certain podcasts could be found a few hours late depending on when the last feed check was.
  • Fixed delay between starting a download and avatar overlay appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where a new episode could be added to the podcast but not marked as unplayed.
  • Images with incorrect mime types will now display properly.
  • iVoox non-standard podcast date format is now supported.
  • Scrubbing can no longer be accidentally initiated on the play button.
  • Fixes bug where subscribe from clipboard wouldn’t always appear.

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1.1 Coming Soon

We’re hard at work on 1.1 which will bring our most requested feature: continuous play. Whether you’re driving, working, exercising, or just generally like to listen to podcasts one after another without having to manually start a new episode, you’ll be very happy with Castro 1.1.

We’re also working on localising Castro so international users can have a more seamless experience with the app.

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