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Castro 1.0.6

Posted by Padraig on Jan 27, 2014

Our sixth update was just released on the App Store.

German and Japanese localisations

We’re excited to start getting Castro localised throughout the world. First up are German and Japanese. We wanted to do it right, so we paid professional translators through ICanLocalize and had native speakers look over the translations, but please let us know if we got anything wrong.

We also localised our screenshots and App Store description. For now, our screenshots are based on random podcasts from the local top 10, but let us know your favourites on Twitter (nice artwork is a plus!) and we’ll revisit them for the next version. If you’re in Japan or Germany and know a good tech blog that should review Castro, let us knowand we’ll contact them this week.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a crash caused by resuming a download after the temporary file was deleted.
  • Fix a bug where a failed feed update could prevent future feed updates.
  • Properly cancel feed requests when background fetch times out.
  • Fix a hang / crash that occurred when selecting text in show notes.
  • Fixes crash that could happen when cancelling downloads
  • Fixes crash when podcast has no title

Coming Soon

  • Continuous Play! We’re still working on it along with a few other big features for 1.1

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