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Castro 1.5

Posted by Padraig on Nov 12, 2015
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Today, Supertop is proud to release Castro 1.5, a free update to our podcast app that adds some great iOS 9 and iPhone 6S features. We’re also excited to announce that the app is now completely free.

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Castro is now a free app. Every feature is available without charge.

If you like Castro, please consider becoming a patron by contributing $1/month. You will support the work of a small indie app studio in a way that the standard App Store model never can. Yesterday, Supertop needed an endless stream of thousands of new customers to sustain our business. From today, we can be successful with a far smaller number of much happier customers. We can offer better support. We can add new features more often, instead of holding them back for splashy major releases. In other words, we can do the things that indies do best.

The patronage options are 3, 6 or 12 month bundles that don’t auto-renew. We know that this model will only work out for us if you love the app enough to voluntarily choose to pay, so there will be no sales-y notifications or nag screens. Castro 1.5 adds a small note at the bottom of the two main screens and a button in settings to invite users to become patrons.

There are some good reasons to believe that patronage can work for Castro. Kickstarter just passed $2 billion pledged, the majority of which came from repeating backers. In the podcast world, many shows arelistener-supported through Patreon, and Radiotopia, a podcast network, is doing a great job of getting patrons signed up to support their work. Lots of people are willing to pay a few dollars per month to support things that they love.

New Features in 1.5

We wrote up some detailed previews of the new features:

Become a Patron

We want to make the best podcast app possible, for years to come. The best way to do that is with monthly contributions that we can count on. You can help guarantee a long future for Castro by becoming a patron today.

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