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Castro 2.2

Posted by Padraig on Nov 28, 2016

Today, we’re delighted to announce the release of Castro 2.2 — the second major update since the app was released in August.

This release focusses on providing convenient access to your podcasts from new places, for those times when you want to quickly start listening with minimal effort.


Preview of Castro's CarPlay interface in 2.2

We’ve had huge demand for this. Many people listen to podcasts in their cars and Apple’s CarPlay brings this experience right to the car’s built in display and controls.

CarPlay is better with Castro. You’ve already queued the episodes you’re interested in, so it’s one tap to start playing. Castro’s powerful queue and inbox system means that you don’t need to dig through collections of playlists to find the episode you’re looking for.

John Voorhees from MacStories gets it:

Castro’s design translates well in CarPlay because episodes are arranged in a shallow hierarchy consisting of a queue and inbox, which means there is less drilling through lists than other podcast players. Castro has also adopted the new iOS 10 tabbed interface for CarPlay similar to Apple’s Music app to give you easy access to your queue and inbox.

Widget & Quick Actions

Sometimes you want to start playing an episode immediately, without navigating through the main Castro app itself.

Castro’s brand new Widget reveals the next 4-12 episodes in your queue at a glance. Tap the podcast artwork to open Castro and start playing that episode.

Preview of Castro's widget in 2.2

With iOS 10 you can add this widget right to your Home screen and Lock screen to make playing an episode as easy and convenient as launching an app. Add the widget by swiping left to right on the Home screen or the Lock screen and tapping “Edit”.

If you have an iPhone with 3D Touch, you can tap and hold on the app icon to reveal the widget.

Quick Actions also allow 3D Touch users to start a sleep timer, search for a podcast using the clipboard, and jump straight to the inbox or the queue, by force pressing on the app icon.

Price Drop

Castro is now $3.99

Castro is now only $3.99. That’s 20% cheaper than the launch price. Download Castro on the App Store today and discover the unique power of triage.

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