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Castro 2.3

Posted by Padraig on Feb 22, 2017

We focused on bug fixes and polish for this version, but we also fit in some nice new features. Here are the highlights:

  • Streaming an episode begins playback more quickly.
  • Animations between screens are smoother.
  • An interactive notification allows you to skip the rest of the episode or start the next one. It is triggered by pausing an episode with less than 3 minutes left.
  • Pausing and then resuming the sleep timer with less than 60s left will extend the sleep timer.
  • Adds a new 5 hour queue size setting.
  • Adds 5s and 10s skip interval options. Previously 15s was the shortest.
  • After interruptions like turn-by-turn navigation, Castro will skip back 1.5 seconds so you don’t miss anything.
  • New support site linked from settings.
  • And tons more fixes in our complete release notes on the App Store.

The most exciting part is that Castro now uses custom notifications to allow episode triage without opening the app.

Expanded notifications look great, and include a short summary of the episode to help you decide if it interests you. If it does, the actions below let you act on it right away.

From the notification you can play, queue or archive the episode directly, without opening the app.

These new notifications have changed the way we use Castro — it’s a fantastic multitasking experience to see a new episode notification appear while reading an article in Safari, then pull it down to read the description and queue it right there, without leaving Safari.

Apple has introduced tons of new ways for iOS apps to reach out from behind the icon and provide user features without requiring that the app be full screen. In 2.1 we added an iMessage Extension, 2.2 a Today Widget and CarPlay and now with 2.3 we’ve expanded Castro to take advantage of custom notifications. Each step of the way the core Castro ideas, Triage + Queueing, have provided a solid foundation to expand podcast listening into the rest of the iPhone experience.

Castro is $3.99 in the App Store.

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