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Castro 2.4 with Enhanced Audio

Posted by Padraig on May 26, 2017

We’re excited to announce that Castro 2.4 with Enhanced Audio is available now on the App Store. Enhanced Audio improves the listening experience for many podcasts and makes it easier to hear in loud environments. Under the hood, Enhanced Audio applies a dynamic compressor and a peak limiter to increase volume just where it’s needed.

Download on the App Store

Enhanced Audio helps when playing a show where voices are at different levels and makes it much easier to listen to podcasts in a car, on public transit, or in a busy noisy place.

You can toggle Enhanced Audio on and off from the expanded player controls screen.

We’ve also added a toggle here for Continuous Play. Lots of users told us that they were toggling Continuous Play quite frequently based on when and where they were listening; navigating to Settings to change that was awkward so we’ve made that much easier now.

There’s a bunch more changes and fixes in the full release notes on the App Store.

9 Months of Castro 2

It’s 9 months since we introduced triage for podcasts with the release of Castro 2 and we’ve been steadily improving things since then:

  • 2.1 brought our iMessage app to easily recommend episodes to friends.
  • 2.2 brought CarPlay support and an iOS 10 widget to provide convenient access to your podcasts from new places.
  • 2.3 was all about polish but also brought expanded interactive notifications that let you do triage without opening the app.
  • Now with 2.4 and Enhanced Audio we got to focus on improving your listening experience.

Up Next

Pádraig will be in San Jose for WWDC from June 5 to 9. If you’ll be in town and want to talk about podcast apps say hi.

We’re really happy with how Castro has developed so far and excited for the future. We’ll be busy over the coming months working on the next iteration of the app. You can follow us on Twitter for updates or subscribe to the Supertop Podcast where we’ll release regular episodes about what we’re working on, the future of podcasting, and more.

Download on the App Store

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