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Does this Computer have a Soul?

Posted by Padraig on Jan 31, 2017

In episode 14 of the Supertop Podcast, we invite you to send in a recording of you asking a question / suggesting a topic for discussion next episode: take out your phone and use the voice memos app, then email the file to us!

We follow up on Oisin’s AirPods, discuss Apple’s two new app store features: the ability for app owners to respond to reviews and a system ratings dialog in iOS. Then, bug of the week and recommend some podcast episodes.


This episode is sponsored by:

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Show Notes

Follow Up (00:20)

  • Kickstarter update.
  • Using Kickstarter for iOS Apps.
  • Oisin’s AirPods not magical anymore.
  • Find My AirPods.

Weird Idea (08:41)

  • Send us your audio!

New App Store Features (12:36)

  • Apple allowing developers to respond to reviews.
    • How should indie developers handle this?
    • How it works: one review, one response, no threads
  • Using it for support
    • Tweet from Nick
    • Our policy for support vs sales questions
    • Can app store reviews become a positive thing after all this time?
  • Should we answer positive reviews too?
    • What about feature requests?
  • In App Rating Dialog
    • Some uncertainty about when the dialog will or won’t show?
  • Can Apple do better than the rating prompt as it is in 10.3?

Bug of the Week! (36:30)

  • Oisin explains a weird animation performance bug that doesn’t happen if the double height status bar is active. (tldr: don’t set CALayer’s speed < 1)

Podcast Recommendations (44:56)

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