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New in Castro: Clip Sharing

Posted by Padraig on May 30, 2019

Castro now supports sharing clips of podcast episodes. Clips can be up to 60s long and are exported as videos that include the artwork, episode title, podcast name and date of the podcast being shared. You can share on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack or anywhere else that accepts video.

They look like this:

Clip Sharing makes it easy to share your favourite podcast moments. Use clips to pull a quote and start a discussion, encourage friends to try a show, or promote the best parts of your own show.

Since it's just a simple video, everyone can hear your clip and get what it's about — even if they've never used a podcast app before.

To start recording a clip, open the player screen, then tap and hold the red button until you reach the end of the clip you want to share. Once you lift your finger, an editor screen will let you tidy up the start and end points.

Alternatively, if you don't want to tap and hold, you can tap the red button once to grab a 30s clip starting from 15s before the play position and then use the editor to perfect the clip.

We did a lot of work on our trimming interface too — you can easily adjust the start and end and even zoom in to find the perfect spot.

You can choose between square, landscape or portrait orientations for the video to match the destination that you intend to share to. Snapchat and Instagram Stories work best with portrait videos, Twitter works best with landscape. If you're sharing to Instagram Stories, you can tap the "Instagram Story" share action in the iOS share sheet.

This feature is free for all users in version 2019.6 — we released it on the App Store a few hours ago. If you're enjoying Castro but not yet a subscriber please consider joining Castro Plus to support our continued work on this app.

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