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New in Castro: Top Picks

Posted by Padraig on Apr 04, 2019

Introducing Top Picks

When you have a lot of podcasts in your library, it can be a challenge to scan through all of the new episodes and decide what to play to next. All too often, the episodes you really want to hear can get lost in the stream of new shows.

Top Picks Hero image

Top Picks is a new feature in Castro that solves this problem. It uses your previous listening activity to surface the new episodes of podcasts you’re subscribed to that you’re most likely to want to hear.

So how does it work? Just tap Top Picks to see your recommended shows, and add them to your queue with drag and drop, or a couple of taps.

Simple, Powerful, and Private

The best part? Because Top Picks learns from your listening history, you don’t need to do anything to set it up. All of this analysis happens on your iPhone, using local data, so it’s 100% private.

With Top Picks in Castro, you can subscribe to hundreds of shows without having to worry about missing the best episodes. Your picks will get even better over time, just by playing more shows you like.

From the start, we designed Castro for listeners who want to enjoy a wide range of podcasts, not just the same voices over and over. Now, with Top Picks, Castro is the only podcast app that lends a hand with the central task of picking the best new episodes to play.

Top Picks Screenshot

Top Picks is available now for free. New innovations like Top Picks are made possible by our supporters who subscribe to Castro Plus. If you like what we’ve been doing lately, please consider joining the thousands of Castro Plus subscribers who make this possible.

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