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Queue Widgets

Posted by Jesse Herlitz on Nov 13, 2020

Time to make some room on the old home screen friends, Castro is coming in hot with Queue widgets in 3 different sizes.

First up is a small widget that shows off the artwork from the first four episodes in your queue. You’ll also see stats like, the number of episodes and total duration of audio in the queue. Tapping anywhere on this widget will launch Castro to the queue.

The medium sized widget has all of that, but also lets you see episode title and a hint of the show description. Tapping on an episode will launch Castro to the episode details page, while tapping anywhere else on the Widget will launch Castro to the queue. One little sneakret is that tapping the Castro logo is the same as tapping the app icon, and will launch you to whatever you had open on your last session.

The large sized widget has all the goodies from the medium sized widget, but you get one more episode preview and a little more breathing room for the episode descriptions.

Should you somehow magically get to the end of your queue, we’ll give you an option to grab something new from your Inbox or the Discover tab.

Widgets will also automatically switch to dark or light mode based on your system setting.

Download Castro today from the App Store to fancy up your home screen. Take a screenshot and send it to us @castropodcasts on Twitter. Thanks for your support!

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