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Siri, Shortcuts & Castro

Posted by Jesse Herlitz on Jun 18, 2020

We’re excited to announce a deep integration between Siri and Castro that shortens the distance between you and your podcasts.

Castro Podcasts Shortcuts + Siri - All your podcasts deeply integrated with Shortcuts & Siri | Product Hunt Embed

Play Any Show

What’s your favorite show? Ask Siri to play it in Castro, and we’ll do all the thinking for you. If the show is already in your queue, we’ll play the episode closest to the top of the list. If we can’t find an episode in the queue, we’ll check the inbox. Even if you’re not subscribed to the show, we’ll go find it and play the latest episode for you. You can even ask Siri to play the first, or the newest episode and Castro will skip episodes you've already listened to.

Play Any Category

Want the latest news? Ask Siri to play you the news in Castro. Want an escape from the news? You can ask Siri to play you something from any category, and Castro will take it from there. Just like asking Siri to play a specific show, Castro will first look in your queue for relevant episodes before heading to your inbox, and then top podcasts from Discover.

Command the Queue

Want to save what you’re listening to for later? Want to Ask Siri to play your favorite show next? Want to mix things up and play the queue on shuffle? We’ve made every effort to put you in complete control of your listening experience. Saying “Next Podcast” will send what you’re currently listening to to the bottom of the queue and start what’s next in your queue. You can also say:

  • Play 99% Invisible next
  • Play Twenty Thousand Hertz last
  • Clear this episode
  • Play Castro Shuffled

One Guide to Learn Them All

There are now 30 requests you can make of Castro through Siri, which can access all the world's open podcasts. We know it can be hard to remember them all, so we made a handy reference guide in Settings → Siri where you can find what you’re looking for to make your day a little easier.

Build Your Own Shortcuts

We’ve also added shortcuts for Castro purpose built to connect Castro to other apps. Search Castro’s directory, get access to data from any show or episode, you can even add items to your queue. For inspiration, check out the new Shortcuts Gallery we’ve added to settings.

All of this is built taking advantage of iOS 13’s Siri Media Intents, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve got iOS 13 installed to get access to this update. Got something else you’d like to be able to ask Siri to do with Castro? Get at us @castropodcasts on Twitter.

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