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Supertop Podcast

Posted by Padraig on Dec 06, 2016

A few months ago we started the Supertop Podcast. It’s been a fascinating experience to see how things work from the publisher’s point of view. Jason Snell’s post “How I Podcast” helped us get started with Logic Pro X for editing. To record, publish, and see download stats, we use a web app called Cast — it’s a really neat tool, much nicer than wrangling Skype.

This Week’s Episode

This morning we published our 10th episode: “Catch-Up Pony”. We discuss Castro 2.2, give an update on the Doom Clock, follow up on Oisín’s Search Ads blog post, and ponder what Castro 2.3 should do.

You can find the latest episode in:


We’re interested in getting some sponsors on the show. To get started, we’re charging just $100. We’ll introduce the episode as being sponsored by you, then read your ad during the show. Email or DM us if you’re interested.

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