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The Supertop Grid

Posted by Padraig on Mar 25, 2014

One of the major improvements we’ve made to Castro for version 1.1 is to revisit all of the typography and layout throughout the app.

We are looking forward to releasing the finished product soon, but today, we are sharing a handy open source tool that we built to help us align our various interface elements to a grid. It’s called the Supertop Grid and it’s available on Github.

iOS developers can easily add it to their projects, configure it to any size they like and the entire app will be overlaid without interfering with the interface (you can still navigate, etc).

Our friend Travis Gertz said recently: “It can be easier to fine tune in the final medium.” This advice rings true to us as we work on the details of positioning everything exactly where we want it and having text draw with the precise attributes that we want.

It would have been a much more arduous task to achieve a pixel-perfect layout without using this grid, so we thought it might be useful for other developers too.

It’s available at

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